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2013年11月9日 星期六

(西班牙)巴塞隆納:Sensi Tapas-精緻下酒菜美食

  Sensi Tapas在tripadvisor排名前十的tapas小酒館,一直以為我訂的是總店Sensi bistro tapas,結果到了現場他們看了訂位表上頭沒有我的名字,害我背脊直發汗,幸好後來發現我們訂的是分店Sensi tapas,真是訂位羅生門,因為明明就是在sensi bistro tapas的網頁上填訂位資料的…不過,沒關係,反正兩家店只差約200公尺。小巷內繞來繞去,經過一番尋找,找到了Sensi tapas

  Sensi tapas is Top 10 Barcelona restaurant on tripadvisor. I thought I booked the main store "Sensi bistro tapas". But when we arrived, they couldn't find my name on reservation list. I were so nervous until they found out my reservation is for the branch store "Sensi tapas". That's weird. Because I sent the reservation request on the page of Sensi bistro tapas. Anyway, just 200 meters away, it's ok for us. Lost in the alley, after a while, we found the way out. Finally stepped into Sensi tapas just in time.

  Sensi restaurant就位在巴塞隆納的歷史中心:哥德區內,這區有最古老的古蹟,以及新穎的建築。
  Sensi restaurant can be found in Barcelona’s trendy Gothic Quarter which has an amazing array of architecture both old and new.

  The helpful waiter arranged the dishes for us. In that way, we could have the restaurant's speciality dishes. We told the waiter something we don't eat. And then, just waited and expected. Exciting about the unknown dishes that will serve.

We ordered a bottle of Sangria. Must give it a try when you are in Spain. Wine with chopped fruit. The flavor was much stronger than we had before.

The brick wall and red paint. Decoration is simple and stylish.


  Tuna tartare served with a wasabi mayonnaise and toast. Looks good. But I really don't like the uncooked fish. I skipped this dish. The plating was simple but delicate. Sensi tapas is really a fine bistro in Barcelona.

  Sauteed “Sant Pau” white beans with squid. The small pot filled with squid. The seafood flavor with salty sauce. Smooth cheese was hidden on the bottom. Mixed that together. It tasted good. Served with bread that made the squid less salty. And easier to clean the plate.

  Cherry tomato and french brie salad with onion marmalade and finely chopped almonds, served with toasted bread. Fresh and crisp Arugula, sweet cherry tomato and sweet sauce. Sprinkled almond added some nuts flavor.

  Duck timbale with potatoes parmesan and Pedro Ximénez reduction. Roast duck mixed potato. Soft and tender. I loved the sense of multi-level. Faint cheese flavor. Nice one.

炙燒薄片豬 Iberian pork tataki
  Tataki means the meat or fish is seared very briefly over a hot flame. The manner of preparing meat in Japanese cuisine is high-class. Juicy pork was heated by flame. Hot and nice smelling. This made my mouth water. It tasted like beef, tender and juicy.

  Sautéed mussels with red curry and fresh basil. Barcelona is near the sea. The seafood here is fresh. Mussels were fresh and not smelly. Curry flavor is not too strong. Creative fusion cuisine. It's really nice.

  Fresh truffle ravioli in a parmesan cream, scented with truffle oil. Inside the thick pasta was cheese stuff. Basted it with truffle oil. Strong and unique truffle flavor. From Indian to Italian. Who can say no to this?

  Suckling pig served with mash. The smell was good. Creamy mash potato and a slice of crisp pig skin. The dipping sauce was tasty.

  Grilled prawns with mango chutney served with a noodle and vegetable stir fry and sweet chilli sauce. My uncle wanted to order some shrimps. After asking waiter, the prawns were served. Creative fusion cuisine. The prawns were fresh. But it was not enough for 8 people. I'm not satisfied with one tiny piece of shrimp. 

  A perfect evening. Very impressive. It was a perfect ending of this day.